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I am teaching a one-time class on python programming! Ideas include: File:Past1.jpg File:Past2.jpg File:Present1.jpg

  • Cool things that you can do in Python
  • Opensource projects written in Python
  • Coding Python is easy
  • Reads like a poem

When is the class?

I will be teaching the class on Sunday, August 10 at 1:00 PM. I expect the class will last for up to two hours.

Where is the class being taught?

The class will be taught in the Church classroom at Noisebridge. The address is:

2169 Mission St.
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94110

The gate to the space should be open while the class is in session. If not, you can read up on getting into the space by clicking here.

Should I bring a computer?

Computers are not necessary.

What do I need to know?

This class is taught in English. No prior knowledge of programming is necessary.

How much does this class cost?

This class is free, as are all classes taught at Noisebridge. You do not need to register or RSVP - just show up!

If, however, you feel the class was beneficial, we'd really appreciate a [Donate or Pay Dues|donation to Noisebridge] to fund our ongoing renovation and lasting presence in the city.

Why are you teaching this class?

How can I keep informed about the class?

If anything changes, you can check this page for any updates. I will also send emails to the Noisebridge-announce mailing list, so you might consider subscribing to it.

I have a friend/relative with no access to computers and/or the Internet.

Please print this page out and give it to them!

How can I get more information?

Please contact me. My information is available by clicking here.