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A blog post a week or beer trying, i.e., Noisebridge's Blogging and Beer-drinking Club.


An agreement amongst friends to write a blog post a week, or contribute $5 to a communal beer fund. When the beer fund is sufficiently stocked we get together and drink our delicious procrastination.

Have a blog and want a friendly incentive to blog more often? Join us!

There's an iron-blogger blog with a Planet of all the participants blogs where you can read everyone's updates.


It's easy. Just email User:patrickod (the iron blogger mailing list is still pending creation) to say that you'd like to join, and you'll be added to the list of active bloggers starting the next Monday.

Each week (starting Monday 6am PST)


Name Blog name Blog URL Blog RSS feed URL
User:patrickod slash blog [1] [2]
User:tdfischer hackerbots [3] [4]
User:rubin110 Rubin Starset [5] [6]
User:gnusosa gnusosa [7] [8]
User:miloh R. Miloh [9] [10]