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You down with OOP? - Yeah you know me!


Overview: JavaScript Language Fundamentals and design patterns for web programming. See JavaScript.

Teacher: Garrett Smith  

Resources Web Development Resources

Reference Conventions: Each section points to specific sections of the pertinent specification for any given subject matter, and for ECMAScript, with a linked section marker. For example ECMAScript defines the standard for JavaScript (§ 1).

All references used in this class are linked from the Web Development Resources page.


Browsers provide debuggers that can be launched from a breakpoint, the application's menu, keyboard shortcut, or the debugger keyword in the script.

Parameter Object

Passing around lists of parameters? Typechecking arguments? Stop doing that. Here's how to make your code clearer and less error-prone.

Type Conversion

There are five primitive types in JavaScript: Null, Undefined, Boolean, String, Number. Various operations in JavaScript require conversion to and from primitive values.

ClassName Swap

Event Delegation and the Cascade.


Functions are callable objects with an internal [[Scope]] property. Learn how to call functions and pass functions to other functions, where they can be later called.

Array Methods added to EcmaScript 5

Sort, map, filter, and more.

Prerequisite: Functions.


The prototype chain is used for reading property resolution.

User-defined functions can be used to construct new objects. Objects have, on their prototype chain, the constructor's prototype.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution

This class covers closures.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Custom Events

Fire custom events from your own user-defined objects.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


Singleton with information hiding in function scope.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.

Interface-Based Design

Prerequisite: Custom Events.

Two Event Registry interface objects that share a similar signature, each with a different implementation detail suited for a specific task. The Devil's in the details -- encapsulate them!

Event Notification System

An abstract system for event notification.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.

DOM Events Adapter

An system for DOM event notification, designed to handle delegation and specific event models.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


The Factory pattern, the Decorator pattern, newApply, and the holy grail: Abstract Factory.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Parameter Object

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


Unit testing with YUI Test.


ECMAScript 6 Promises.