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You down with OOP? - Yeah you know me!


Overview: JavaScript Language Fundamentals and design patterns for web programming. See JavaScript.

Teacher: Garrett Smith  

Resources Web Development Resources

Reference Conventions: Each section points to specific sections of the pertinent specification for any given subject matter, and for ECMAScript, with a linked section marker. For example:

ECMAScript defines the standard for JavaScript (§ 1).

All references used in this class are linked from the Web Development Resources page.


Browsers provide debuggers that can be launched from a breakpoint, the application's menu, keyboard shortcut, or the debugger keyword in the script.

Parameter Object[edit]

Passing around lists of parameters? Typechecking arguments? Stop doing that. Here's how to make your code clearer and less error-prone.

Type Conversion[edit]

There are five primitive types in JavaScript: Null, Undefined, Boolean, String, Number. Various operations in JavaScript require conversion to and from primitive values.

ClassName Swap[edit]

Event Delegation and the Cascade.


Functions are callable objects with an internal [[Scope]] property. Learn how to call functions and pass functions to other functions, where they can be later called.

Array Methods added to EcmaScript 5[edit]

Sort, map, filter, and more.

Prerequisite: Functions.


The prototype chain is used by the engine for reading property resolution.

User-defined functions can be used to construct new objects. Objects have, on their prototype chain, the constructor's prototype.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution[edit]

This class covers closures.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Custom Events[edit]

Fire custom events from your own user-defined objects.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


Singleton with information hiding in function scope.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.

Interface-Based Design[edit]

Prerequisite: Custom Events.

Two Event Registry interface objects that share a similar signature, each with a different implementation detail suited for a specific task. The Devil's in the details -- encapsulate them!

Event Notification System[edit]

An abstract system for event notification.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.

DOM Events Adapter[edit]

An system for DOM event notification, designed to handle delegation and specific event models.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


The Factory pattern, the Decorator pattern, newApply, and the holy grail: Abstract Factory.

Prerequisite: Functions.

Prerequisite: Parameter Object.

Prerequisite: Scope Chain and Identifier Resolution.


The private proxy exposes a public interface object. This public interface object delegates some of its responsibility to a private instance.

Prerequisite: Factory.


Unit testing with YUI Test.


ECMAScript 6 Promises.