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jstockford jim@well.com -- willing to help carry stuff or clean things.

can do electrical and housepainting fairly well, have done plumbing without wrecking things, even sheet rock and floors, not a very good carpenter. own a honda element that is like a little van.

main interests include analog electronic circuitry, embedded systems, fundamental mathematics, some aspects of music, hacking cuisine, assembler and BASH scripting and python and linux, 12VDC systems (as in off-the-grid, on a boat or trailer).

tangential interests include photography (printed circuit boards, silkscreening) and chemistry (paint alternatives, semiconductor liquids, cooking).

terrible student in school, turned out to be a very good lecturer (taught programming and computer architecture), which seems weird. have learned a few occupational hazards of teaching, including don't be overbearing, say as little as possible. would love to teach python or bash or assembler (on any cpu). the one who learns the most is the teacher (which suggests someone who wants to help others learn should encourage, even force, students to teach each other).

need money, will do construction work for food, have worked in machine rooms and network operations centers, been a system administrator (Unix), know nothing about windows.... have done way too much documentation, including trade books, network operations center procedures (including PCI compliance), and developer docs. need money.