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Noisebridge-Jobs is a mailing list for trading job/employment information to help our funemployed and for people who need wicked smart people, we can provide their brain day laborers!

Ninja to come in and fix your problems and disappear before you even find them for to thank them!

Need skillz? Well attend our workshops damnit! But maybe we should do other things... resume reviews and interview interrogation practice? CAN YOU PASS THE Voight-Kampff?!

Let's help our excellent members find excellent employment! Better companies with better practices, maybe start some new ones that treat each other excellently and make everyone want to work for them!!

Embedded Linux Consulting[edit]

Linux Is Fun[edit]

Embedded systems design and integration specializing in Linux and GNU tools. Board bringup, embedded application development, drivers, custom userland, embedded UI (GUI, Web UI, CLI). Special interest in audio, video, graphics, maps. Reasonable rates; pro bono work for the right projects. ARM, MIPS, kernel / patch maintenance, implement developer infrastructure (e.g. crosstools, source code control, Linux admin), C/C++, Perl/Python/PHP, JavaScript/CGI/Ajax, major distros (Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat/Fedora, Gentoo, roll your own). Training in Linux and embedded development. Email Jesse Zbikowski, EmbeddedLinuxGuy at gmail, for free consultation.

Experienced Technical and Science Editor/Writer[edit]

I have over five years of editing experience in technical and scientific fields, including editing hardware manuals, technical bulletins and similar materials. I have done volunteer editing on the OpenMoko Freerunner web site. I have written summaries of scientific talks for the Materials Research Society and edited material for Springer Science publications. Also, I have worked with Manufacturing and Field Service in the EDA industry. Email Owen at --Owen 10:55, 8 November 2009 (PST)