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A wiki is a place to share information by creating pages and editing content as required, by anyone. You do not have to be signed up to the Wiki to participate in adding information to existing pages, but signing up is required to create pages, including your own, as well as uploading images and files. This will allow you to participate in a lasting way to the Noisebridge community

The full process to gain page creation privileges is simple:

1) Sign up to the wiki

Page creation and file uploading access requires a confirmed email address, so please add one during signing up.

2) Confirm your email account

An email will be sent to you with auto-confirmation instructions. Initially, however, you will only be granted write access.

3) Stick around for more than 3 days

You can do this with your socks off.

3) Participate by making edits to existing pages

Not all pages are editable, but it is fairly easy to find pages of interest that are. If unfamiliar, please understand wiki etiquette when it comes to deleting or changing existing information. It's allowed, but changes may be reverted if they are harmful. At the time of this writing, the number of edits required is 7. If in doubt, please send an email to noisebridge-discuss list referred to on the home page.

One way to find pages is to click on Random Page in the left menu, a fun way to explore. Another is to use Special Pages, and go to the All Pages list and look for topics which interest you.

Once complete, you will automatically gain page creation privileges. Then you can complete the next steps on the new joiner check list: Copying the checklist to you page and crossing this item off it!