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What? Where? Juggling?

What: Weekly get-together to make your own juggling supplies and learn to juggle!
     Judy Finelli is the founder of Circus Center.
     She is here to spread her knowledge!
     All you'll need is your enthusiasm,
     and she'll guide you through the rest!
When: 10:15am till 12:10pm -- every Saturday Morning
     Optimal class size is about 8
     Classes will end on-time
     Judy teaches at a different space, Sons of Cayuga, at 1pm
Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., San Francisco, 94114 (at 18th St., near 16th St. BART station).
     Map: Getting_Here
Who: You!
     No previous experience necessary.
Cost: All are are welcome, but a donation is encouraged!
Instructor: Judy Finelli, Juggling Instructor.

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