Jukebox Server

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Service software: Jinzora

Access Instructions: (Assumes local noisebridge network access)

  1. Add jukebox.sfo.noisebridge.net to your hosts file (ip address
  2. Local TLD is enabled, so you can visit http://jukebox.noise in any web browser --
  3. Select the MPD Player to stream music over the room speakers or stream to play the files locally
  4. Administrator login:
    • admin
    • noisebridge
  5. You no longer have to be logged in as admin in order to play via the MPD player. You can either use the not-logged in account, or create an account for yourself.
  6. The scheme for putting music on the the jukebox is still to sftp in and upload whatcha got (/var/music), then go to 'Media Management' and 'Rescan Media'. There is (theoretically) a web interface for uploading more music, but, really, why bother?