Jukebox Server

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Service software: Ampache

Access Instructions: (Assumes local noisebridge network access)

  1. Visit http://jukebox or http://jukebox.noise or
  2. You can create yourself a user account, but at the moment the guest account is an admin, so all this really gets you is the ability to make playlists associated with your login or to set skin preferences
  3. The scheme for putting music on the the jukebox is to mount the SAMBA share 'music' on noisebridge-desktop (DNS resolve it), and then go to Admin => Catalog => Check New

Alternate Access (with DAAP compatible players)

  1. Start your DAAP compatible player (iTunes or Rhythmbox, for instance)
  2. Connect to the Noisebridge's Jukebox share

(There may be a delay in finding just uploaded music attached to this share)