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Contact & Info

Feel free to add yourself here if you plan to work on the project. There will be some email-based discussion and record keeping for this project, and that info will be added here if you just want to lurk and complain.


Keycode System Features

  • Numberpad on front door
  • Database of codes... on pony? With notes? Probably we need a basic schema for what info we do and don't want to log.
    • Door usage logged by keycode
    • keycodes not formally associated with individuals
      • how to distribute without leaving electronic records associating code with individual?
    • member keycodes differentiable in some way
  • Method of keycode generation?
  • Method of keycode disabling?
    • presumably not a feature needed immediately.

General Access Proposals

Right now this is an outline to determine what we do and don't want an access control system to do. Just trying to keep up the excellence. Please comment if you would like to do or block. Extensive discussion should go on the mailing list.

  • Numberpad entry of some sort on front door with viral distribution of codes and the ability to kill codes that co-occur with problems in the space.
  • Remove buzzer entirely
    • At present, this is broadly opposed. Reconsider when keycode access is in place.
  • Periscope for checking who is at door
    • Jake is implementing this.
  • Members only hours


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