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(introduction embedded round table with zytouch/eden system built into it.)
m (moved ZytouchTable to Kiang)

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There's a big heavy round table in the space.

It has a Zytouch capacaitive touch screen built into it, and a small x86 embedded system underneath that..

It runs a VIA Eden board with a code name 'Esther' processor on it. It clocks at 400mHz but cat /proc/cpuinfo shows it may be able to go up to 1Ghz (with active cooling?)

It has a hard drive with Ubuntu 10.04 installed on it. The generic install works fine out of the box, but optimizations for an older memory and speed limited system would never hurt.

It needs some Zytouch driver love, which may come from here:

to do:

move most of this page to discussion

get the touch system running and reattach the heavy table to the base and put it somewhere people can use it and experiment with it.

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