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Kiang is a round tabletop computer for general use.


  1. Zytouch capacaitive touch screen built into it, and a small x86 embedded system underneath that..
  2. VIA Eden board with a code name 'Esther' processor on it. It clocks at 400mHz but cat /proc/cpuinfo shows it may be able to go up to 1Ghz (with active cooling?)
  3. bluetooth
  4. wifi card
  5. Ubuntu 10.04 installed on a 3.5 IDE drive. The generic install works fine out of the box, but optimizations for an older memory and speed limited system would never hurt.


  • The openchrome Xorg driver works well with the VIA eden board. The Ubuntu package is called xserver-xorg-video-openchrome

to do

  1. make list above more specific
  2. It needs some Zytouch driver love, which may come from here:
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