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== Features ==
== Features ==
* trefrigerator with freezers
* refrigerator with freezer
* [[stove|4-range electric stove]]
* [[stove|4-range electric stove]]
* two electric ovens
* electric ovens
* industrial sink
* industrial 3-tub sink
* over sink open storage
* open storage above sink
* stainless counter  
* stainless counter  
* metal pantry shelf
* multi-shelf metal pantry rack
* large pot cupboard
* large pot cupboard
* various utensils and supplies
* various utensils and supplies

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BJ and Zedd welcome you to the Noisekitchen!


  • refrigerator with freezer
  • 4-range electric stove
  • electric ovens
  • industrial 3-tub sink
  • open storage above sink
  • stainless counter
  • multi-shelf metal pantry rack
  • large pot cupboard
  • various utensils and supplies
  • Coffee-making equipment
  • food preparation machines

Excelence in the kitchen

Communal kitchens are difficult to maintain.

Due to the need for sanitation, freshness and the near simultaneous use of tools, communal kitchens are a complex collaborative workplace. Everyone using the kitchen must conciously participate in preventing entropy.

Communication between everyone using the kitchen is essential. Minimalistic direct communication is essential or disfunction, spailed food, and an unsanitary environment rapidly ensues.

If you are not sure, or are certain you don't know how to use the kitchen, find collaboratores who already have a comprehensive understanding of kitchen excelence.

kitchen maxims

Use oldest items first. (eg. stock rotation)

Add new to old, never add old to new.

Clean as you go. Leave it cleaner than you found it.

Start with less, add more to taste. (eg. salt, pepper, soy sauce)

Keep drawers and cupboards cloaed when not in use.

Everything in its place, a place for everything.

Label it. (date, description, project, instructions, ...)

If in doubt, ask.

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