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‘’'Saving the kitchen from David Fine’s sledgehammer, one dirty dish at a time.

The goal of the Kitchen Working Group is to protect and improve the resource that is Noisebridge's Kitchen, so that it can be safely used to enable food hacking, community eating, and other nice stuff.

GOALS. The Kitchen Working Group should develop some positive goals and write them here.


  • collaborate on one group meal per month, consisting of super awesome food hacking results.
  • give cooking classes
  • ...?
  • profit

SAFETY. The Kitchen Working Group should:

  • develop a set of safety guidelines to prevent disease, mold, vermin, and other pests.
  • ensure that people who use the kitchen follow the safety guidelines
  • establish a regular cleanup routine
  • make sure food is all labeled, and that old food is thrown away /before/ it goes bad.
  • recruit more members as needed (keep people from getting burned out on cleaning!)



Working Group Members

‘’…need moar members

Philosophy of Operation

“…insert clever philosophy"

Safety Standards

“…how do we keep the space safe?”


  • food poisoning (e.g. it is not a good idea to leave butter out, no matter what you do at home)
  • cross-contamination (e.g. use of knives and cutting boards)
  • pile-up of dishes (some people tend to make huge piles intending to clean up in a batch job; maybe people should always clean a thing directly after they’ve finished using it.)
  • fair and effective clean-up strategies (not letting anyone get burned out)
  • DEEP CLEANING (e.g. regularly inspecting for the Really Gross Stuff that hides under the stove)

Working Group Meetings

“...schedule goes here, also links to meeting notes"


“…put your clever ideas down here.”

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