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WIkipedia is by far the most successful example of collaborative creation of knowledge, but there are several important issues it cannot address:

1) A lot of articles are difficult to understand by a non-experts. 2) Many things cannot be shared on wikipedia: Ideas, learning resources, and open questions and challenges in research and society. 3) Different perspectives on reality are not displayed, we are constrained to monolithic encyclopaedic definitions.

Knownodes is an alternative method for sharing and exploring knowledge and ideas. It focuses on the creation of rich and interactive connections between knowledge, allowing for different perspectives to be displayed simultaneously, and allows people to share relationships between knowledge, ideas and culture.

This workshop will guide you in creating your own open network depicting a project or concept of your choice. The network you create will be available online, easy to share and evolve.

The work shop will be guided by Dor Garbash(, a Phd student from the CRI in Paris and the creator of the platform.

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