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LED art is a signature part of the hackerspace and makerspace movement's aesthetics.

Flaschen Taschen

An epic LED wall constructed from milkcrates, bottles, cleverly controlled LEDs and a custom protocol for streaming composited content to it. Plasma on FlaschenTaschen

Noise Square Table

MakerFaire 2015table01.jpg

The Noise Square Table has pulsing LED-lit rainbow Noisebridge symbol powered by an Arduino.

  • Artists: Jarrod Hicks, Howard Tsu, Julio Talavera, Torrie, Olivier, Andrew, John, Amber, Signal, Jake

Flaschentaschen & Noise Square Table are friends

Big LED lights and shiny smooth table surfaces look great together!


LED Signage

Welcome To Noisebridge Sign

A sign welcoming visitors and encouraging excellence.


LED Raindrops

The LED raindrops cascade falling light around the space in groups of 3. Artist: Torrie


Noisebridge has an original Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED Mooninite that was amongst those that triggered the Boston Massive Overreaction Scare.