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In November, an LED sign from the early 90s was saved from the recycling centre and left off at Noisebridge.
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A few basic details of what we know about it:
*It ran on a custom hardware array of LEDs, 128 wide by 48 high, all red.  When turned on, all LEDs illuminate, demonstrating that they are working.
*The sign contains a defunct 386 that connected to the array via an ISA slot.  Additionally, it was controlled by both/either a floppy disk and an onboard ROM chip.
*The screen is labeled as a JVF 2010-A  sign.
Someone was kind enough to collect a good deal of information on how to operate the sign at:
Included in that page is a set of files to be put onto a floppy to operate the sign.
This page might be related to [[Big LED Screen]].

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