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#REDIRECT [[Laser_Manual]]
{{blackbox}}You are staring at the massive Kaitian CM1309 100W laser cutter that is one of Noisebridge's mightiest [[resources]]. [[File:Laser water estop.jpg|200px|right]]
'''EXITS:''' [[Hackitorium]]
Noisebridge has <red> powerful but dangerous </red> laser cutter. The Laser Cutter Guild maintains laser cutters and trains people to use them safely.  The laser is one of the only pieces of equipment at Noisebridge that requires training to use it.  What this means practically is that people care for it better, it stays less broken, and that it is used with safety of the user and the people around them in mind.  Be kind.  Be patient. Be safe.
* '''RESOURCES:''' The [[Laser Manual]] listing trainers and how to use laser cutters.
* '''MAINTAINERS:''' 0 (A list of trainers are on the [[Laser Manual]] page but nobody is signed up to be the laser cutter guild maintainers per say to keep up the docs and train the trainers.)
[[Image:Laser_water_estop.jpg|thumb|right|upright=1|width:20%|alt=Laser cutter]]
* [[Laser_Cutter/Kaitian_CM1309|Kaitian CM1309 100W laser]] - Our newer, bigger, more functional laser cutter
* [[Laser_Cutter/Full_Spectrum_Laser_40W|Full Spectrum Laser 40W]] - our older, smaller, less functional laser cutter
* [[Resources/Network#Monkeybrains_Wireless_Link|Point to point laser uplink]] - our gigabit link out to the internet
* [[Laser_Cutter/Reverse engineering Kaitian file formats]]
* [[Woodymanreviews] - a resource to quality laser cutter reviews

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