Laser Cutter/Full Spectrum Laser 40W/V4 Full Spectrum Laser 40W

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General info

This laser is specifically sold as an engraver. We bought the Deluxe model which comes with a bunch of extra attachments outlined below.


  • Native 110VAC, no adapter required
  • Lightweight, approximately 60 pounds
  • Complete Unit includes:
    • Completely redesigned to make maximum use of available interior space
    • ~12"x16" max table area (new! 90% larger than the competition)
    • manual Z lift table for focus adjustment
    • Air Assist nozzle shoots air through the end of the lens to keep dirt away (optional air compressor extra)
    • High quality spring mounted mirror mounts
    • High end CO2 cutting lens ($250 value) and mirrors
    • Magnetic deactivation safety switch automatically turns off laser when lid is open
    • NEW: Higher all around construction quality.
    • NEW: Mach3 and EMC2 compatible control card premounted
    • NEW: Two self folding cable chain carriers to enclose air tubes and cables for increased reliability
    • NEW: Premounted interior holes for RetinaEngrave USB
    • NEW: Super mechanical quality than previous generations with dual harden steel rods for smoother Y axis movement
    • FREE: Water pump included (only requires a bucket of water; running water not required)
    • FREE: Visible red laser pointer mounted at the laser head included (optional beam combiner also available)
    • FREE: Honeycomb table included (deluxe model only)
    • FREE: Exhaust fan included! (deluxe model only)
    • Requires PC with Parallel Printer Port or Optional RetinaEngrave USB Controller