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Kaitian CM1309

This page contains information about Noisebridge's Kaitian 100W laser. You might be looking for Full Spectrum Laser, our older laser cutter, or information about our gigabit laser uplink to the internet.

Some friends of Noisebridge from China have donate a really nice brand new, fully supported, laser cutter to Noisebridge!

Current Action Items

  • Get someone who knows enough about structural engineering to look at the place we want to use the laser cutter at Noisebridge, and let us know if the floor can handle the 1,000 pounds weight of the machine.
  • Raise $4,000 for shipping, import tax, and warranty maintenance charge. This will get the laser to us, and give us full support from Kaitian.
  • Build a room for it, with some sound insulation and ventilation that can handle the fumes.
  • Come up with a plan for the room, and raise funds for buildout of the room.


Machine Dimensions


Exhaust Fan

  • 12 foot adjustable ventilation duct



Brochure for the Kaitian CM1309 laser cutter:


Pledge here for raising $6,000 buildout for our new laser cutter!

($4K for shipping, import tax, and warranty maintenance charge; $2K for direct room buildout)

Donations to the laser cutter project can be made here (also shows status of donations; currently <$2,500)

Donations are tax deductible