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==This page withholds the documentation to reclaim the glorious days of the Full Spectrum Engineer Laser MLE-40==
#REDIRECT [[Laser_Cutter/Full_Spectrum_Laser_40W#Repairs]]
==How You Can Help!==
'''Credit card donations can be paypal'ed to Mitch directly.'''
PayPal donate as 'friend or family' to avoid charges.
Add a note "laser cutter repair."
$237.37 - Replacement Tube
$400.00 - Laser Cutter Missing Hardware
?Additional costs, shipping, etc?
$'''637.37''' - Current Total as ''11/23/2015''
=== Donors & Amounts Given to Fix Cutter ===
       ''Please add to the donations, if you feel you can!''
{| style="color:#006060; background-color:#ffd6e1;" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="0" border="1"
! Amount Donated
! Name of provider
! $xxx
! Joe Schmoe

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