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This page withholds the documentation to reclaim the glorious days of the Full Spectrum Engineer Laser MLE-40

Picture of Parallel port manifold

MLE-40-Rev6 0-fullspeceng LPT Driver Board Top.jpg
MLE-40-Rev6 0-fullspeceng LPT Driver Board Bottom.jpg

Credit card donations can be paypal'ed to Mitch directly. PayPal donate as 'friend or family' to avoid charges. Add a note "laser cutter repair."

$237.37 - Replacement Tube

$400.00 - Laser Cutter Missing Hardware

?Additional costs, shipping, etc?

$637.37 - Current Total as 11/23/2015

Donors & Amounts Given to Fix Cutter

       Please add to the donations, if you feel you can!

Amount Donated Name of provider
$xxx Joe Schmoe