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I (J.Foote) am willing to spearhead (lenshead?) an effort to get a laser cutter for Noisebridge. Though I've used one a couple times, I'm a relative noob. Some points:

  • Is this cool?
    • Hell yes it is cool. Laser cutters improve DIY projects by an order of magnitude --davidfine
  • What do we want in terms of power, deck size, cost (i.e. name brand or Chinese)?
  • Where does it go? The DJ booth seems ideal in terms of corner location (for low vibration) and access to window/wall (for ventilation). The DJs might disagree. Thoughts?
  • How do we pay? Consensus donations seems to be the only real solution, but we would have to work out quid pro quo (i.e. donors get priority or something)
    • at Metalab their software tracks how much time each user has the laser powered on and bills accordingly.
  • Maintenance. Who babysits and/or fixes tragedies of the commons? (I will volunteer some but can't be there 24/7.)
    • This may make leasing the best option for now.

I will summarize any email discussion here. Also I asked Bre Pettis of NYCResistor (who makes a living on his) for advice. I will summarize any responses.


Sign up to pledge below:

buy or to lease. Buying could be anywhere from $3k-20k. Leasing may be as low as $150/mo. This pledge is non-binding, but try to be realistic.

jtfoote $1000 or ___/mo to lease

Mprados $200 or ___/mo to lease

davidfine $200 or $15/mo to lease

DYao $200 or $15/mo to lease

rubin110 $500

thatha $150

Leif $200 or $15/mo to lease

VonGuard "maybe $100"

Mitch $250

Jake $250 or $20/mo to lease

Total so far: $2900 or $60/mo to lease


  • nix drivers for Epilog laser cutters.


On the Discussion page!

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