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Project Name

Lift Uplift


Jarrod Hicks


Open up the elevator lobby and create a better experience for Noisebridge users who use the elevator

What Will Be Done

Please see the drawings for further clarification.

File:Noisebridge - Sheet - A506 - EZ AV and LIFT UPLIFT.pdf

Remove some of the partition walls on the south east, south, and south west sides of the elevator lobby. The doors on these walls will also be removed. The light switch will be moved, bonus points for installing a motion sensor. Leave the wall containing the electrical box intact. After the demo work, the remaining walls will be repaired, cleaned, and painted.

What Areas in the Space Will This Affect

Elevator Lobby and Hackitorium

Who Will Be Doing It

Jarrod Hicks and/or any other volunteers.

Why This Will Be Good

The elevator lobby is a dark dead space within Noisebridge. It is unwelcoming and often full of obstacles for those that need to use the elevator. As an entrance to Noisebridge, it should be improved. Demolishing some of the walls will open it up and connect it to the rest of the entrance and the hackitorium.

Why This Will Be Bad

Demolishing the walls and doors will create trash.

How Long Will It Take

Demolition would probably be a solid days work. The clean up and repair another week. This could be done while Noisebridge is open.

In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like

Money for repair materials, paint, and a motion sensor for the lighting.

Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With


Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict


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