Light Patterns with LEDs and Microcontrollers

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What: Weekly microcontroller lighting group!
When: 7:00pm till 9:00pm or whenever -- Tuesdays, also available by contacting community~ at
Where: Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St., San Francisco, 94114 (at 18th St., near 16th St. BART station).
     Map: Getting_Here
Cost: Participation is free! We have very limited materials available, materials donations are appreciated! These materials are reusable! I make a kit specifically for workshops like this. Get one here if you want to take your project home. I have lots of information about parts and suppliers if you want to make something more custom.
Instructors: Dan, you (add yourself here!).


Lighting is important to the way that you feel. It can inspire awe, or make us laugh. It can annoy if done wrong. It can attract certain kinds of people. We will learn about microcontrollers and how to program them. Build something cool, then make it interactive. Add lights to your bike and make it visible. Underlight your skateboard. Make your stage pulse with light and dance to your music. Add interesting lighting effects to your favorite hackerspace!


You! Your friends! Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level or age. Come to learn and teach! This will be most useful to people who want to add light to things including artists, designers, DJs/VJs, festival goers, wearable tech aficionados, and Noisebridgers! This is also perfect for anyone who wants to learn about programming microcontrollers.

What can I bring to help?

No need to bring anything -- just yourself and your desire to play, learn, and/or share. We have everything you need. But if you like, you can bring:

  • Your own tools (we have all you need, but you can bring your own)
  • Arduino / clones, arm boards with gpio ie. Galago Raspberry Pi
  • USB - serial dongle for your Arduino
  • breadboards
  • If you bring your laptop, we can set it up to program microcontrollers
  • parts for your own project(s)
  • Your bike, bag, art project, set design, The Oakland Bay Bridge, or anything you want covered with rhythmic, pulsing, light.
  • LED strips, pixels, and spots - we focus on 2801 and 2811 powered products, but all are welcome.
  • 12v and 5v dc power supplies, batteries
  • Dev kits for input. We have a Neurosky EEG, android devices, various sensors, a Leap Motion, and more.