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From what I (Nils) can remember, the light bar came from some decommissioned fire marshal car. I don't remember who it was that brought it in or was working on it.

This thing uses all 12-volt logic, which makes sense since it would've been powered off a 12 volt battery.

It is made by "Jetsonic". Here is the manual: Media:Lightbar.pdf.

The guy that was working on it successfully activated some of the lights and the motor to turn the lights by poking at connections internal to the light bar.

Reed and Ed brought the light bar in after buying two of them at the "Prototype This" yard sale awhile back. We've been meaning to poke at it some more after our initial tear down and assessment. Not being as well-versed in electronics as other NB members we brought one to NB to share in the hacking fun. Would love to chat with whoever actually got it working. --Edrabbit 17:10, 7 April 2009 (PDT)

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