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Our Linux & BSDiscussion meets every Wednesday from 6 PM to 8 PM in the Turing classroom. [[ Alan Turing]] It is an informal meeting sponsored by the San Francisco Linux User's Group [ SF-LUG.ORG] and is wide open to any ideas relating to using the various [ GNU]/[ Linux]-based and [ BSD]-based operating systems]. We are not limited to, but do enthusiastically encourage:
* Sharing the latest software releases
* Installations
* Helping new users and converts
* Hardware investigation
* Configuration
* Troubleshooting
* Reviving old computers and making them better with Linux, *BSD and other Open-Source Software
We started meeting weekly in mid-October, 2009 and have had a group develop who steadily attend.
For other regular San Francisco Linux events see [] (twice per month), [] (monthly) and [ OLPC-SF] (monthly). 
See [ Bay Area Linux Events (BALE)] for events around the San Francisco bay area.
Members of the [ Ubuntu team] (for [ California]), [ Fedora Ambassadors], and [ Partimus volunteers] have been known to frequent this discussion group in the past.
Attendees run a variety of [ distributions]:
* [ Debian Squeeze] and [ Debian Wheezy]
* [ Debian]-derived (including [ CrunchBang Linux], [ Linux Mint], [ Ubuntu], and of course [ Trisquel GNU/Linux])
* [ BSD]-derived (including [ FreeBSD], [ OpenBSD], & [ Darwin]/MacOSX+)
* [ Fedora]-derived (including [ CentOS] & [ Red Hat Enterprise Linux])
* [ openSUSE]
* [ Arch]
* [ The Amnesic Incognito Live System (TAILS)]
* [ Knoppix]
* [ SliTaz]
* Multi-booting with Mac and Windows or running Virtual Machines
'''Bringing your computer is strongly encouraged!'''
Believe it or not, Linux events also happen outside the city borders.  For the adventuresome, two good lists of such far away events are available from visiting websites [] and [].
This handy [ folding method to protect CDs] has come in handy for some of us.
Current as of: [ April 14 2013]

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