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CBA: Guangdong gets the better of a lock to decide convention to surpass care of can of the contest after champion Liaoning beats season again repeatedly Xinhua net Beijing on Feburary 5 sports special telegram group of Guangdong Dongguan bank 5 days 111: 97 guest field beats Ma Kebo of rank tertiary Dongguan collect team, had shifted to an earlier date four-wheel the lock decides 2011 league matches of profession of basketball of 2012 China man (CBA) the champion of groovy contest. Liaoning judge trade group is guest field 95: 120 defeat utterly at Fujian SBS team, the game after the 4 Liaoning teams that defeat repeatedly and season goes gradually gradually far.

Victory of 5 days is Guangdong team 11 Lian Sheng, group of corner of distance Beijing gold this sports season is the longest 13 Lian Sheng differs 2 only. At present Guangdong team 24 get the better of 4 negative, banner the 2nd Beijing team (19 get the better of 9 negative) get the better of 5 times. The match still is remained 4 rounds, because this Guangdong team has shifted to an earlier date,the lock decides convention to surpass champion. 
The match basically is the situation of lean to one side, guangdong team begins to lift aggression mad tide from first, with 34: 22 banner. Subsequently match is Guangdong team is pressing the other side to hit from beginning to end, no matter be aggression,end still defends upright Guangdong team holds a dominant position. Go to the 4th, guangdong team had preceded 20 minutes, can be in the 4th to win Guangdong group 20 minutes without which team, the match also in advance entered rubbish time. 
Brooks 24 minutes, zhu Fang rain 23 minutes, xingeerdu is mixed 20 minutes 19 rebounds, the core of team of these a few Guangdong attacked a dot to produce <a href="UR"L>Cheap Jordans</a> effect. Dongguan team makes an appointment with assorted to take below 31 minutes, lan Duofu is mixed 16 minutes 12 rebound, chan Bing fights ability is passable, overall actual strength is inferior to adversary apparently. 
Latter position owes the Liaoning team of beautiful to suffer blow again, after losing Fujian line, their place drops again, had been the 10th. At present Liaoning team 14 get the better of 14 negative, team of wide mansion of bank of stiff state of the Shanghai great shark before them, Zhejiang and Zhejiang is 15 get the better of 13 negative, xinjiang is wide collect 16 get the better of 12 negative platoon is in the 6th. 4 matches are medium at the back of Liaoning team the opponent that has 3 is the team of before the rank 6, promotion difficulty is very great. 
Because both sides is facing the test of promotion, because this hopes,improve morale through a good bureau. The first both sides is given priority to with aggression, make player hand hot rise as soon as possible, the result comes down this to get 70 minutes in all, fujian team 37: 33 banner. Advocate the 2nd a bit did not loosen the Fujian team that fight, continue to keep tall hit the target rate, enlarge cent difference for a time. Liaoning team near future is wide nevertheless Weir sends the foreign aids Bao that suffers bad-mouth eventually power, he leads team to be in first half 62: 60 exceed score instead. 
The dominant position with Fujian the biggest nevertheless group is " 3 foreign aids " , of the Ba Si of A of Asian foreign aids in CBA best show lead, what Fujian team mastered the game afresh in the 3rd is active. Abasi defends closely the planted agent that loses to Liaoning team a surname is very big concussion, fujian team takes the chance to recapture banner. And the 4th Abasi turns to attack end to annoy Liaoning team ceaselessly again, call the small climax that notchs continuously for many times, final Liaoning team was defeated 25 minutes in guest field. 
Fujian team wheat overcomes Tangnagong to display cent and 17 36 rebounds, 2 cap of 3 12 26 cent, rebound, lid, secondary attack mix Abasi 2 times to be grabbed, can weighs all-round. Buddhist nun of Liaoning team card and Han heart gentleman get respectively 21 with 20 minutes, zhang Qingpeng hit 18 minutes, 4 cast 0 in did not get one minute. 
Epicycle is other a few matches, shandong gold team 102: Group of the steel austral Jiangsu of 99 win by a narrow margin, team of Fosan dragon lion 111: 107 beat group of stiff state bank, group of the world in Shanxi 107: 100 conquer wide mansion, qingdao double star 114: 102 force restrains Beijing group, shanghai team 89: 77 beat easily group of 81 rich nation, xinjiang is wide assemble a team 99: Team of tiger of northeast of Jilin of 97 win by a narrow margin.
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