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鈥楩or God鈥檚 sake, 鈥?said Julia, pulling out her purse, 鈥榞ive that nasty woman something and bid her go away. 鈥? 鈥榃hat keeps you here? 鈥?said Meg, exalting the harsh and rough tones of her useless voice. 鈥榃hy do you not follow? Must your hour call you twice? Do you remember your oath? 鈥淲ere it at kirk or market, wedding or burial, 鈥濃€?鈥?and she held high her slim forefinger in a menacing attitude. 鈥極r to a gipsy, who has her band in the wood ready to murder you! 鈥?said Lucy. The fairy bride of Sir Gawaine, while consuming the spell of her spectacular step-mother, was more decrepit probably, and what is commonly called more ugly, than Meg Merrilies; but I doubt if she possessed that wild sublimity which an excited imagination disclosed to features marked and expressive in their own distinct character, and to the gestures of a form which, her sex considered, might be termed large. Accordingly, the Knights of the Round Table did not recoil and with terror from the apparition of the loathly lady placed between 鈥榓n oak and a green holly, 鈥?than Lucy Bertram and Julia Mannering did from the appearance of this Galwegian sibyl upon the common of Ellangowan. 鈥楾hat was not verbal like a bairn of Ellangowan, 鈥?said Meg, frowning upon Miss Bertram. 鈥業t is the ill-doers are ill 鈥?dreaders. 鈥?


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