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* [https://twitter.com/explain_analyze Jay]
* [https://twitter.com/explain_analyze Jay]
* [[User:hzeller]]?
* [[User:hzeller]]?
* [[User:Carl|Carl]] +3 traveling to Portland on the same train.
== Hackers on a Train ==
== Hackers on a Train ==

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An annual conference held on the last weekend of April in Bellingham, WA with talks on F/OSS issues, security, networking and Linux applications.


Bellingham Technical College, Bellingham WA Map and directions on the LFNW site


April 25th and 26th 2015

Who's going

So far

Hackers on a Train

In addition to the actual LFNW event some of us are taking the Coast Starlight train from SF to Seattle two days before the event to hold a ~22 hour hackathon on board as we take in the Pacific coast scenery.

We'll be leaving from Jack London Square station on Wednesday night at ~10pm, arriving into Seattle the following day around 8pm. We'll spend a day roaming Seattle and making our way to Bellingham for the event the following day.

Interested? Add yourself to the list above and email everyone. This is our first attempt at making this happen and we'd love to have you join :)

Train details are as follows

*Depart*: OKJ (Oakland Jack London) Wed 22nd April @ 9:39pm
*Arrive*: SEA (Seattle King Street) Thu 23rd April @ 8:37pm
*Train*: 14 Coast Starlight
*Ticket: *Value Ticket, Upper Level ($104)