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About the group

The Linux Study Group (LSG) has been created in direct relation to the SF-LUG group.

  • Share and study skills for Linux System Administration and hack on any and all things linux/f.o.s.s..
  • Use the LPIC (2nd Ed, O'Reilly) book and RHCE Study Guide (4th Ed, Exam RH302, Osborne) by Michael Jang

for Red Hat Certification.

  • Emphasis is on everyone being welcome
  • Do first, before asking, so you'll learn.
  • We meet in a classroom reserved at those times & days listed.
  • Full connectivity via wireless/hardwire and whiteboards.

We encourage new people of all user levels to join in.
We also encourage users/hackers/developers of any, and all, operating systems who are interested in Linux.

Meeting time and location


When is this class? On Tuesdays from 15:00 to 16:30 And you may find people hacking on things before this time and after...


At Noisebridge, in the Turing classroom.


For discussion, use the SF-LUG mailing list

For announcements, use the SF-LUG mailing list or the Noisebridge-Discuss list

Add to this wiki page (or expand the Linux section of the Noisebridge Wiki) to describe activities, interests, and resources.

Our Focus


As of May, 2012 we are deploying Git in order to collaborate on coding, creating, and expanding the class. Join us to share your thoughts or contact the SF-LUG for more information.

Bash Shell Scripting

In early 2012 the study group focused on shell scripting in Bash. The class was very small, but has grown ever since. Here is a shell script that makes shell scripts. Can you explain every detail on every line?

The shell scripters are continuing to meet and work through their code on a line by line basis. This article on redirection is a great read as a followup to the 2/21 meeting

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