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Notice[edit | edit source]

This is a tentative proposal for general Locker Protocol. This is not being enforced currently. The space doesn't have lockers in it currently.

A FAQ is located on the Locker FAQ page.

Purpose[edit | edit source]

To provide a somewhat secure way for members and others to store tools, equipment, and long-term projects at the space.

Standard Legal Cop Out[edit | edit source]

Noisebridge is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items stored in lockers or the locks or anything else, and makes no guarantee for their security.

Using Lockers[edit | edit source]

  1. Fees for the lockers are $10 a month (or a prorated amount). Lockers can be shared. You may choose to put your name on your locker or leave it anonymous. You can choose to give the Locker Point of Contact a description of your locker's lock. (Type, brand, color, etc.)
  2. The lockers will be the area of responsibility of the Locker Point of Contact. Direct any questions you have about the lockers to this person. The Locker Point of Contact is responsible for maintaining the lockers, upkeep of the books & fees, making lock-cut-off decisions, and setting locker policies. The Locker Point of Contact is: TODO INSERT NAME HERE
  3. Pay fees to the Locker Point of Contact or Treasurer.
  4. Locker fees are considered past due 5 days after they are due. Past due locks may have their locks cut off and contents emptied after making a good faith attempt to contact the owner.
  5. Unassigned lockers will be identified with an "Unassigned" label on them. Assume any lockers without this label are assigned to someone, and do not use them even temporarily.

Do Not[edit | edit source]

  1. If you have not paid for a locker, while you may temporarily store items in the locker during the day, you may not put a lock on the locker or store things in them overnight.
  2. Do not store perishable food, unsealed liquids, live animals/babies, or illegal/smelly things in them. Don't block the vents in the locker. (If your locker is causing problems for other members or locker users, we may have to cut off the lock after making a good faith attempt to contact you.)
  3. Lockers are for storing equipment related to projects and hacking. Don't store your toothbrush, changes of clothes, etc. that facilitate turning the Noisebridge space into your squat.
  4. Don't mark up, damage, or permanently alter the lockers. Take only footprints, leave only photos.