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Some People Don't Like This Idea

There are numerous self-storage facilities in the city of San Francisco. Noisebridge is not one of them.

If you think a locker at Noisebridge would be useful, you are invited to attend a meeting of the lockpicking group. They meet infrequently, usually on Sundays, but if you're interested someone would probably be glad to teach you about the realities of locks some other time too.


The above being said, there is ongoing discussion of re-organizing the member shelves, hack shelves, and also possibly day-use shelves into an organized set of lockers. This is a lively and ongoing debate.

As the plan exists now:

  • Both member shelves and day-use shelves would be consolidated with lockers.
  • Some (not all) shelves would be re-purposed for use as additional hack shelves or shelves for larger projects.
  • Lockers could optionally be closed, so nobody else can see your stuff (out of sight, out of mind).
  • Lockers would use optional bring-your-own-lock security.
  • Lockers would also be numbered, un-labeled, and anonymous.
  • Hack shelves would remain as separate shelves, publicly accessible to everybody. Keeping hack shelves separate from the lockers will hopefully result in people feeling more confident in using stuff on the hack shelves.

Current shelves

Our current shelves are 13" deep x 12" tall. An entire shelf is 48" wide. An entire set of shelves is about 7'2" tall.

Best option for new shelves

To be continued...