Locksport and Lockpicking

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* [[User:puck|Jean]]
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* Dylan
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Locksport and lockpicking

When: TBD

Where: Noisebridge, 83C Wiese, San Francisco, CA 94103

What: Learn about locks and how to open them! -- limited practice equipment available

Learn about Locksport, where we learn about locks and how to open them! I'll be giving a quick overview including legality, different types of locks and how they work, and of course how to open them. The workshop/practice portion will focus on the standard Pin and Tumbler locks that are common on most doors.

Charlie will have approx. 8 sets of lockpick tools and around 4-6 practice locks

Add your name below if you're interested. Also, put down what time might be good, I'm thinking either Wed, Thurs night or Sat Afternoon/Evening.


Please add your name below if you are interested in doing the workshop (no commitment implied):

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