Lunch w/ Hackers Hosted by Beijing Makerspace

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Beijing Makerspace will be bringing in a carefully screened selection of about 10 corporate executives/investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, and local Chinese government officials who are super excited about the Maker movement, to the Bay Area between November 9th and November 17th. The primary officially-publicised objectives of their trip to the San Francisco Bay Area are to:

1. Create a vision of the transition to incubating more makers through a better understanding of innovation
2. Explore the type of services they should focus on in this new road to develop a Maker-focused industry

Beijing Makerspace strongly believes that the culture and spirit of Noisebridge are crucial elements to this development. Having these carefully screened selection of Chinese citizens, business people and government officials immerse themselves into this incredibly unique space for a few hours and meeting with as many wonderful hackers as possible would help them best understand how Noisebridge achieves its mission to "be excellent to each other."

On November 9th, Beijing Makerspace would love to kickstart the trip through the magic of Noisebridge with a hosted lunch at Gracias Madre at 1pm, in order to directly meet all interested and available hackers to talk about Noisebridge's culture, hacker projects, and more. They would also like to join the Circuit Hacking Monday that same evening.

The Maker tour group will be having a consecutive interpreter present throughout the entire time period of their visit, in order to help minimize language barriers.


Who: Makers interested in sharing their experiences of creating and developing at Noisebridge.
Where: Gracias Madre, 2211 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110
When: Monday, November 9th at 13:00


We are trying our utmost to allay suspicions any of you may have that this Makerspaces visit could be somehow designed to stealthily "share away from" (or even steal) marketable technology ideas from engaged makers/hackers, as could be indicated by the presence of Chinese government officials and business people specifically targeting such makerspaces/hackerspaces as Noisebridge.

Therefore, feel free to reach out to me for any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Crystal Huang
Email crystalhg at gmail dot com
(530) 574-6939