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MAID is (Mutually) Assured Information Destruction: "Maid cleans up after you're no longer around."


[edit] General overview

M.A.I.D. is a framework that provides time sensitive remote key escrow and provable authentication with optional distress coding. It automatically destroys cryptographic keys after a given user configurable time threshold is crossed.

[edit] Features

  • Provable authentication (with either local or remote attestation)
  • Cryptographic key storage on remote systems
  • Optional distress coding during authentication
  • Time sensitive user configurable key destruction
  • Strong multi-party anonymity is a requirement for participation.

[edit] Threat model

[edit] Example use case

[edit] Software specification

[edit] Client specification

[edit] Server specification

[edit] Legal information

We believe this system will possibly work exactly one time for a single person. Consult with a qualified lawyer or solicitor in your legal jurisdiction. You may be that single lucky person.

[edit] History

M.A.I.D was initially discussed by it's creator Jacob Appelbaum at the Chaos Computer Club's 22nd Communications Congress in the winter of 2005.

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