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  • Precisely define the listed features

Possible Features

  • nodeid
  • nodetofollowid
  • median path length
  • shortest distance from nodeid to nodetofollowid
  • inbound edges
  • outbound edges
  • clustering coefficient
  • reciprocation probability (num of edges returned / num of outbound edges)

The response variable is the probability that the nodeid to nodetofollowid edge will be created in the future

From the Backstrom and Leskovec, for a node s and a potential target c

  • Network features
    • unweighted random walk score
    • Adamic-Adar score
    • number of common friends
    • indegrees and outdegrees of s
      • the indegree is the number of edges coming into node s
      • the outdegree is the number of edges leaving node s
    • indegrees and outdegrees of c
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