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We have several mailing lists! All of our email lists are open to everyone, members and non-members... Please feel free to subscribe to any or all.

Note: all lists are subscriber-only. You must subscribe before posting.

Our Two Main Lists

  • Announcements - Extremely low traffic - Updates on current and upcoming events happening in the space. Please do sign up for the announcement list. If you've made it this far, you'll probably be interested in our announcements. how to write a good announcement email
  • Discussion - Moderate to high traffic - General discussion revolving around the space and those involved with it. Cool projects, questions you'd like answered, news of interest, stuff you'd like to donate, work/play you'd like help with. It can also get a little heated sometimes, but don't fear -- the space itself is friendly.

Sub-Organizational Entities Lists

Full list is at , this page has a bit more detail and links but list owners occasionally forget to add an entry!

  • Build Team - Discussion details of buildout at 2169 Mission. If you are or want to be involved in that, please join this list.
  • Cloud - Discussion of "cloud" based applications, distributed computing and storage, etc.
  • Congress - This is a list about traveling to Europe for the CCC Congress. If you're looking for a place to stay, people to travel with or tips on submitting a possible talk - this is the Noisebridge list to join.
  • Noisedroid - Moderate traffic - Discussion of hacking the Android OS.
  • EEG - the EEG project: build/interpret EEG
  • Sewing - Status updates on the 3 machines at 2169, sewing-related discussion and collaboration.
  • Jobs - Job postings should be sent here, rather than the discuss list
  • Darkroom - Darkroom Photography, optics hacking, and general chemistry. Anything that uses the darkroom.

Feel free to sign up or visit the archives.

Creating a new list

Send a nice email (and optionally flowers) to*

*Subscription to the rack list is currently required to send unmoderated email:
Join rack at to send list requests.  
You can unsubscribe from the rack mailinglist after request.
  • the list name
  • the email address that should be list owner
  • a short description of what the list is about