Maker Faire 2013/Afterparty

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2013 MakerFaire Afterparty


May 18th we want to throw a great old time for anyone and everyone!

More than an Afterparty

Mitch and James want to throw a party for the Makers, and everyone else, that will be in town for the weekend

Get Involved


Help us plot and plan! (add your ideas below)
  • The Maker Maker - a photo frame with Idea lightbulb over head. could be as simple as a cardboard box
  • Add a link to the Maker Faire for info
  • Send Noisebridge Agents to the MakerFaire with "invite cards" to get the word out (would they hand them out to anybody? Or would we want them to target makers/hackers/people with booths?)
  • Also note, Noisebridge will have a booth/table at the MkerFair, see page Maker_Faire_2013

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