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* Tracy Jacobs-
* Tracy Jacobs-
* [[User:Mrcamuti|Mooch aka Steve]] - free availability. Would LOVE to volunteer for any and all open shifts
* [[User:Mrcamuti|Mooch aka Steve]] - free availability. Would LOVE to volunteer for any and all open shifts
* [[User:zaius|David]] - free to help out any time on Saturday

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Noisebridge is going to Maker Faire. whoop!

Please see below to volunteer for the Huge Hardware Hacking Area! -- please sign up for this separately.

Noisebridge booth

Maker Faire is May 30 and 31 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. We have a table and should bring a ton of cool projects! We'll be able to get a bunch of passes, the exact number is not determined yet but will probably relate to how many people commit to coming.

If you want to come and spend some time at the table interacting with people, put your name here: UPDATE: People who came to the meeting or otherwise committed to coming:

If you are on this list, schedule yourself here:

If you aren't on the list, your name did not get submitted to Maker Faire for an exhibitor badge, and you'll have to manage your own Maker Faire attendance (try organizing 10 or more people to get the discounted ticket price).

Projects to bring (add yours!):

  • LED sign. (I would like to make some nice-looking show-and-tell pictures and diagrams for the sign so we don't have to open it up. Let me know if you have experience doing this and want to help. -nils)
  • a phone project
  • Cyborg eyes-in-the-back-of-your-back vest
  • Cyborg north-facing anklet
  • Vague plans to make an audio-reactive noisebridge animation running on either a monitor on the table or perhaps projected on the wall, pending availability of hardware (I'll figure out what I need and then start asking) -steen
  • aquarium for popping electrolytic capacitors

Huge Hardware Hacking Area

Also, Mitch is setting up a Huge Hardware Hacking area at the Maker Faire. There will be 40 solder stations where we will be teaching hundreds and hundreds of people to solder and make cool things. This is a mongo version of our own Circuit Hacking Mondays.

Lots of volunteers are needed to make this work. It is really fun to volunteer! Do a 4-hour shift, and you get a free pass for the entire weekend at the Faire. Do more than a 4-hour shift, and you get lots of warm fuzzies!

Volunteer shifts are needed from 10am till 8pm on Saturday (May 30th) and from 10am till 6pm on Sunday (May 31st).

No need to have any experience soldering -- Mitch will teach you to teach others (you will do fine!).

If you are interested in volunteering for the Huge Hardware Hacking Area, please add your name here:

  • Mitch
  • nana
  • Mark
  • Gregg I emailed you about helping, just keep me in the loop!
  • David
  • Joachim
  • Slim - It's been a long time since I've taught anyone to solder, but I suspect that with a brief refresher I'd do just fine. However my electronics/circuitry knowledge is essentially zero at this point. So although I am a willing HHA volunteer, depending on your needs, I may be better suited to the main NB area.
  • mct
  • VonGuard
  • deleted
  • Carter
  • Miloh
  • Matt -
  • Eli -
  • Tracy Jacobs-
  • Mooch aka Steve - free availability. Would LOVE to volunteer for any and all open shifts
  • David - free to help out any time on Saturday