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(Members with Booths at Maker Faire)
(Event Saturday May 22nd)
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* [[User:rubin110|rubin110]]
* [[User:rubin110|rubin110]]
* Rob 309.242.0653
* Rob 309.242.0653
* [[User:Christie|Christie]]
* Nana 415-724-1953 need ride from/to SF
* Nana 415-724-1953 need ride from/to SF

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Noisebridge booth

Maker Faire is May 22 and 23 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. We will have a 10x10 booth, with an additional 10x10 booth adjacent for SpaceBridge. If you'd like to help set up/run the booth this year, please add your contact info below.

Mitch will be setting up a huge Hardware Hacking Area again this year. Please see below for more info on the Hardware Hacking Area (HHA), or go directly to the Maker Faire 2010 HHA page.

  • Next Maker Faire Meeting at NB:

Planned Transport Cars

Projects/Items Displayed in the Booth

"If you'd like to bring something to show in the Noisebridge booth, please list it here and/or contact Alex"

  • SpaceBridge (they may have additional space provided for them by maker faire, increasing our booth size)
  • LED Sign
  • Phone Booth (Ani)
  • SenseBridge
  • NB Recurring Schedule (poster sized)
  • Fashion Show garments
  • A piece of art by Jonathan Foote (TBD)
  • Whiteboard on easel(for maker faire related announcements, etc.)
  • Mooninite LED sign
  • Sudo Pop
  • Capacitor Explosion demo?
  • Tracy's Virus robot

Other Items to Bring

  • NB flyers - Alex
  • NB stickers - zedd
  • NB t-shirts? - zedd
  • easel - rachel
  • whiteboard -Eri
  • trashbags Eri
  • snacks for booth - Eri
  • 1 or 2 camp chairs that can be folded up when booth is crowded


If you want to help out at the NB booth this year, please sign up on dates you are available. Include contact info so we can coordinate schedules.

Setup Friday May 21st

If you have a car that can transport projects please state so.

  • rubin110
  • Rob 309.242.0653
  • Christie - have big vehicle, but may need to go by work here and there.
  • Tracy Jacobs I have a truck I'll be leaving from Oakland early Sat. and Sunday
  • Nana 415-724-1953 need ride from/to SF

Event Saturday May 22nd

  • rubin110
  • Rob 309.242.0653
  • Nana 415-724-1953 need ride from/to SF

Event Sunday May 23rd

  • rubin110
  • Rob 309.242.0653
  • Tracy Jacobs kinetical@comcast.net
  • Nana 415-724-1953 maybe (need ride from/to SF)

Take down Sunday May 23rd

If you have a car that can transport projects, please state so

Christie - Can make it down with the van as needed, but prefer not to.

Tracy JAcobs- Can transport stuff going to the East BAy only.

Information current as of Maker Faire meeting Tuesday April 13, 2010 Eri 21:04, 15 April 2010 (UTC)

Members with Booths at Maker Faire

"Going to Maker Faire with another group? Let us know where you'll be!"

Mitch is setting up a huge Hardware Hacking Area again for the years Faire. We need LOTS! of volunteers (no experience necessary), and everyone who signs up gets a free pass for the entire Maker Faire! It's also WAY FUN! We will have 54 solder irons going at once this year! For more info, and to sign up to volunteer, please add your name to the Hardware Hacking Area wiki page.