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Noisebridge booth

[1] is May 21 and 22 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. If you'd like to help set up/run the booth this year, please add your contact info below. NB should be getting 12-15 free passes for volunteers who work at least a 4-hour shift. First come, first served!

Mitch will be setting up a huge Hardware Hacking Area again this year. If the NB volunteer quota is full, consider working at HHA - you're free to mill about once your shift is done. The HHA wiki also has good directions to the Faire.

Projects/Items Displayed in the Booth

This is the section where we outline projects, demos, talks, etc. and when/how often they might occur.

If you'd like to bring something to show in the Noisebridge booth, please list it here and contact emprameen at

capacative touch suitcase - a suitcase with LEDs inside that light up when you touch it. -rachelyra

Other Items to Bring

  • NB flyers
  • NB stickers
  • NB t-shirts?
  • easel
  • whiteboard
  • trashbags
  • snacks for booth
  • 3 or 4 camp chairs that can be folded up when booth is crowded

Volunteer Sign-up And Time Scheduling!

After adding your name and time slot, please email me (emprameen AT gmail DOT com) as soon as you can with the following information:

1)  The name (first and last) you want to give to the Maker Faire people when you arrive for your free "credentials"
(as they're calling the passes for volunteers). 2) When you want to start working your 4 hour shift.

Folks who want to help staff the booth: Elise, Adit, Al, Rikke, Stefano, Rameen, Danny Ken & Max, Sean C, Rachel M, Rachelyra

Setup Friday May 20th

Not sure what the exact set-up time is, but supposedly, the children arrive at 11am. I'll e-mail for further information, but it's probably safe to say that set-up starts at least at 9. People who have agreed to help with transportation: Stafano, Rachel McConnell, Ken & Max

Planned Transport Cars

Stef has offered a truck to transport people and materials. Sean C can bring the focus. Its not too huge, but it holds a lot :).

Set-up Saturday May 21st

Set-up times: Saturday, May 21 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Event Saturday May 21st

Event Sunday May 22nd

Ken & Max Available all day

  • John Gentilin around 12:00 for rest of the day, friend of Ken & Max
  • Rubin - Available after 2ish, greeting someone at SFO around noon.
  • Rachelyra, not sure when but much of the day.

Take down Sunday May 22nd

If you have a car that can transport projects, please state so

  • Ken & Max can help with a car if necessary
  • Rubin - I've got a bike and some panniers

Members with Booths at Maker Faire

"Going to Maker Faire with another group? Let us know where you'll be!"