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Noisebridge booth

[1] is May 19 and 20 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. If you'd like to help set up/run the booth this year, please add your contact info below. NB should be getting several free passes for volunteers who work at least a 4-hour shift. First come, first served!

Projects/Items Displayed in the Booth

Project: Kombucha
Lead Contact: Rameen
Description: Kombucha samples were a big hit last year; people spent hours asking me about it and listening to descriptions and brewing instructions etc. Maybe we could make a more visually appealing version of that. Also, people loved seeing our distiller. Having something tangible to give to give or to do is most memorable, I think.

I think we should put some focus into our set-up and make our booth look really amazing this year!


Project: Spacebridge
Lead Contact: Christopher
Description: Spacebridge will be displaying their payload items (radio, tracking devices, flight computer, camera, etc) and payload buses. Above our booth, we will have a 30 foot weather balloon filled with helium to demonstrate how we loft our payloads. Tethered to the weather balloon will be a video camera and radio transmitter broadcasting a top view of the display floor. We will also have a projector displaying images from our flight and the live video feed from our camera attacked to the balloon.

Requirments: We will need 1 table to display the items, power outlets to run a laptop, a projector, the the radio receiver. We will also need the booth to be placed in an indoor location that has a ceiling above 30 feed (any of the main halls will be fine).

Other Items to Bring

  • NB flyers
  • NB stickers
  • NB t-shirts?

Volunteer Sign-up And Time Scheduling!

After adding your name and time slot, please email me (cclinco AT gmail DOT com) as soon as you can with the following information:

1)  The name (first and last) you want to give to the Maker Faire people when you arrive for your free "credentials"
(as they're calling the passes for volunteers). 2) When you want to start working your 4 hour shift.

Folks who want to help staff the booth:

Setup Friday May 18th

Setup times for the venue: 10am-8pm

Set-up Saturday May 19th

Set-up times: Saturday, May 19 7:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Event Saturday May 19th

Event Sunday May 20th

Take down Sunday May 20th

If you have a car that can transport projects, please state so

Members with Booths at Maker Faire

"Going to Maker Faire with another group? Let us know where you'll be!"

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