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We are organizing our presence at Maker Faire 2013!

Maker Faire
May 18 & 19, 2013
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

see Maker Faire for more info

Also note, Noisebridge is organizing an "afterparty" May 18, 6pm. See this page:
2013 MakerFaire Afterparty

Map of where the Noisebridge booth was last year


Noisebridge booth

[1] is May 18 and 19 at the San Mateo County Expo Center. If you'd like to help set up/run the booth this year, please add your contact info below. NB should be getting several free passes for volunteers who work at least a 4-hour shift. First come, first served!

Projects/Items Displayed in the Booth


There will be projects from noisebridge at the faire this year.

  • high above the crowd, the space over the booth will be festooned with tooth pick sculptures by [[monad]
  • the space will also be decorated with light.
  • a sign will rise up from behind, announcing the presence of Nosebridge to all.
  • miloh will be bringing a project as of yet still under wraps

Other Items to Bring

  • NB flyers
  • NB stickers
  • NB t-shirts?
  • a colloage of photos of noisebridge?
  • the RoboConfessional Especially set up to hear allow the automat confession of sins from faire goers. Also serving as infoshopbot.
  • sudomate (5 gallons) Courtesy of Sudo room pop effort!

Maker Faire Volunteering Signups

Maker Faire is a huge event with more than 100,000 people expected to attend.
In case you have never been, or have never worked a booth at the Faire, this video from our friends at Dangerous Prototypes is a nice introduction.

Please sign up for at least a couple 2 hour shifts for the weekend days, add your name and a contact email to the time slot and we will be getting in touch with you about more scheduling and entry to the faire! Please help fill out the empty timeslots and staffing so we have 3 people at Noisebooth during the faire!

Education Day, Thursday May 16th

(Note: Currently, Noisebridge is not planning to be part of Education Day. If someone would like to do this, please enter your name here!)

Setup Friday May 17th

Setup times for the venue: 10am-8pm
1200 - 1600 (full)

  • Monad will be driving down from Noisebridge with our gear
  • Rolf W - will be here for booth setup
  • John E - some flexibility for schedule, available.
  • Miloh will be able to check in and help as needed

Saturday May 18th

0900 - 1100 Setup (0 slots open)

  • Miloh will be here for opening
  • Rolf W.
  • John E

1100 - 1300 Staffing (1 slot open)

  • John E

1300 - 1500 Staffing (1 slot open)

  • John E

1500 - 1700 Staffing (2 slots open)
1700 - 1800 Staffing and shutdown for the night(1 slot open)

Sunday May 19th 0900-1900

9am - 11am pull out the projects and set up for the faire to open at 10am.

  • Mek
  • Tayopa

11am - 1 pm regular staffing

  • Mek
  • Drew

1pm - 3pm regular staffing

  • John E
  • Dan
  • Tayopa

3pm - 5pm regular staffing

  • Dan
  • Mek

5pm - 7pm regular staffing, break down the booth and leave by 7pm (2 slots open)

  • John E
  • Miloh

volunteer contact information

Miloh Rolf John E. Mek Karpeles
Drew Winget
Dan Cote
Tayopa (as early as I can get a ride in. I am assuming it's 9:00am- and at least four hours (happily more if needed)).

Members with Booths at Maker Faire

"Going to Maker Faire with another group? Let us know where you'll be!"
Rock The Bike
Type A Machines -- miloh will be the TAM corporation :-)

Booths to Visit

Evil Mad Science
Will Upverter be there?

West coast hackerspaces:

  • Sudo Room
  • Ace Monster Toys
  • Hacker Dojo
  • CRASH space
  • Jigsaw Rennaissance
  • add more!
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