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2013 MakerFaire Afterparty

DATE:       Saturday, 18-May-2013
TIME:        6pm to 11pm
WHERE:    Noisebridge, 2169 Mission St, 3rd floor (1.5 blocks from 16th St. Mission BART) -- Map & How to Get here
WHO:        strange-o's, plan9 users, dorks, families, nerds, hipsters, punks, hippies, weirdos -- Anyone and Everyone -- all genders -- all ages!
WHAT:      Food!     Art!     Bad Dance Contest!     Drink!     Workshops!     Boardgames!
HOW:       Gently Suggested $10 - 20 Donation!

Keeping It Simple

Mitch and James want to throw a party for the Makers, and everyone else, that will be in town for the weekend. The desire is for a family friendly, good-times-encouraged, affair with games, food, and good fun.

Help us plot and plan! (add your ideas below)

Volunteer Sign-up

Help with Morning (12pm) Cleaning, Setup and/or Teardown on Saturday, May 18th. Please add yourself to this list if you can commit to helping, and indicate when you are available.

List of Volunteers         

Your Name Pre-Cleaning (2pm), Event Running (6pm), or Teardown (10pm), or whole day (All) E-mail
James Event Running and Teardown sundquistjames aT gmail
Your Name What you can do e-mail

Event Wishlist

  • Bad Dance-Off needs a DJ and horrible song submissions
  • Boardgames
Liars Dice, Cards Against Humanity - James
  • 15min Introduction to Dungeons and Dragons (D&D)or World of Darkness (WOD)
Can someone help track down the people who host games in the space on Sundays?
  • Finger Painting Competition
  • Henna Artist (help fine one)
  • Actual Tattoo Artist (help find one)
  • Hambone Competition (we'll need to form a blue grass-style band
  • Hacker Shuffleboard (we'll need sidewalk chalk and someone to set this up along the wall by the kitchen.
  • Vinyl Sticker Cutting by Donation (who can handle this?)
  • People repping 3D Printers (also a hit at previous events)
  • T-shirt silkscreening (someone please help take point on this)
  • Flyer Creation (James is happy to do this once more event details are known
  • Music and Performance. Let me know if you're available! Recommend Bands, etc.
  • Another fundraising crew for Noisebridge, set up by the door to welcome everyone.
  • The Maker Maker - a photo frame with Idea lightbulb over head. could be as simple as a cardboard box
  • Send Noisebridge Agents to the MakerFaire with "invite cards" to get the word out (would they hand them out to anybody? Or would we want them to target makers/hackers/people with booths?)
  • 3D printing demos
  • wall of LED strips from Heroic Robotics, see Youtube here:

Also note, Noisebridge will have a booth/table at the MakerFaire, see page Maker_Faire_2013, Maker Faire

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