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Jarrod and his worker team members took a little bit of Noisebridge to MakerFaire, the world was so lucky.

Booth Pics and Table[edit]

Here are some preview pictures of Jarrod and his worker team's setup for MakerFaire this year. There were a few more tweaks underway before MakerFaire, but this is mostly all there was when the pics were taken.

MakerFaire 2015booth01.jpg
MakerFaire 2015booth02.jpg

Here are some photos of the completed "Noise^2" exhibition table.

MakerFaire 2015table01.jpg
MakerFaire 2015table02.jpg

Further awesome testimonials on the Discussion list and more pics to follow.

WHAT? WHY?[edit]

Jarrod and his worker team emphasized that Noisebridge has been an important resource for people to learn and to make. Noisebridge should be more than just a "makerspace"; Noisebridge should be a community with a social mission to bring educative and creative autonomy to as many as possible. Noisebridge has had a rough patch but they have done some good work during the recent Reboot to work toward this mission and it is now time to attract some attention.

Jarrod and his worker team noted that people are getting projects done at Noisebridge and that this public hackerspace thing could still be a good idea. Jarrod, his worker team, and their Noisebridge supporters preferred to use MakerFaire 2015 to invite people to come to Noisebridge for the first time and then contrive to get them to come back to Noisebridge for repeat visits. They anticipated connecting with other Hackerspaces and strengthening hacker relationships. They yearned to meet other hackers and makers, and encouraged them to bring their projects into the Noisebridge space so that others may learn from them.

The booth concept[edit]

Jarrod's plan has been 1) to pack a whole bunch of Noisebridge into a 10' x 10' space and 2) to have a good time. Within MakerFaire 2015, Jarrod and his worker team did their best to create a mini-Hackerspace that supports the ideas and creations that others besides themselves brought. Here was Jarrod's idea:

Noisebridge MakerFaire Booth AXON.jpg

Essentially Jarrod and his worker team created a place where people could hack during the show, and the ultimate exhibit is of course Noisebridge's community and its projects.

Nevertheless, the base for this space was custom furniture pieces that were made at Noisebridge -- with Jarrod's love -- for hacking. (When all you know is design and woodworking, every answer tends to be custom furniture). The centerpiece of this affair was a new work table with built in power outlets and a bright flashy Noisebridge logo on the top. A table that people could pull up a chair to and start working on a project. If there were other things that we should have tried to incorporate into the hacking table, let us know after MakerFaire. The back of the booth had a set of rearrangeable cabinets that store tools and projects for use during the show and support and audio/video system for demonstrations and presentation during the show.

Here were more specific plans for the booth furniture, Jarrod recommends checking out the .pdf:

UPDATED NB Logo Channel drawing: File:Noisebridge MakerFaire Booth TableDetail REV 01.pdf

Noisebridge MakerFaire Booth.jpg

The .pdf of working drawings for the table that we built is here:

Well-made furniture != mini hackerspace; Jarrod and his team requested other active participation![edit]

  • How could Jarrod and his team demonstrate Noisebridge in a 10' x 10' area, Was it possible to also enjoy this?
  • Helping to build out the booth, adding to it, decorating it, making it better, making it more 'Noisebridgie'
  • Lending/bringing your projects, demonstrating your projects, and teaching others you know (and don't know)
  • Working on projects at the show, and having projects for others to work on
  • Spreading the word about Jarrod and his team needing help and contriving to get people to come meet Jarrod's team.

Pre-MakerFaire Noisebridge Maker Meet and Greet[edit]

Ideally, everyone would have been able to go down to MakerFaire and check out the neat stuff. For those that couldn't, Jarrod, his team members, and their supporters have suggested an upcoming event to bring in makers who are in town to talk about their projects and to meet up with other hackers/makers. Jarrod's team and their supporters have been thinking about a special Five Minutes of Fame and a mellow cocktail party event that could hopefully raise significant additional funds for the space.

Schedules and Specifics[edit]

Thanks to you all of you worker team members for participating with the planning and setup. Although this was mostly worked out prior to the start of MakerFaire 2015, Jarrod has greatly appreciated your tremendous efforts to help out.

Projects for Display and Presentations/Demonstrations[edit]

Scotty's Land Yacht, Julio's LED aquarium, book scanner, ....

Build Night Recapitulations[edit]

Initial resin test casting - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-02-12

LED installing and light testing - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-02-26

Additional resin text and table start - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-03-05

Additional resin test results and table top continues - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-03-12

Routerpocalypse - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-03-19

Substructure Assembly begins - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-03-26

Substructure Assembly Continues - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-04-02

Substructure wrap up and beginning of LEDs and Electrical - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-04-16

Resin Pour! and electrical wiring finish - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-04-23

Resin top, soldering, and table wood working completed. - Maker Faire Build Night 2015-04-30

Parts and Materials Specifications (working list)[edit]


3/4" Red Oak Finish Plywood - $49.97 / 4'x8' sheet

3/4" C grade Douglas fir sheathing plywood - $24.97 / 4"x8" sheet

Number 20 biscuits - ~$8.00 / 100 count

Kreg pocket screws - 24.97 /1000 count

Titebond 3 wood glue $36.92 / gallon

Casting and Finish[edit]

The NB logo is 298in^3 or ~165 fluid ounces

Tested : Ultra-Glo epoxy resin - pigment...

May switch to the comparable but less expensive EasyCast
 1 gallon kit is $77.60 via Amazon prime, need two kits $155.20

Electrical and Electronics[edit]

LED Strip: WS2812B individually addressable

 Can be purchased from ebay or alibaba.
 example: $9.99-12.99/meter
 or for $24.99/meter
 JH - We have ~16' of linear distance inside the logo. So I'm considering purchasing this from the eBay vendor: 
 -- LEDs/m: 60, Board's Color: White, Waterproof Grade: Epoxy IP65, Length: 5m, Price:US $74.99

LED Controller/driver:

 Arduinos work fantastically. A Pro Mini works great and cheap.
 JH- is this correct? $9.95
  HT- Yeah that works perfectly.

Power for microcontroller and LEDs:

 Just need a 5v power supply of some sort, can be salvaged from existing cords by splitting the wire open and solder onto on/off switches.
 JH- Something like this? $5.95
  HT- Yeah this works perfectly.
 I expect we need something separate for the LEDs. We will have >16 feet of them in the table.
  JH- You make a good point, do you know of any electrical engineer that can do calculations on the electricity draw?

100-1000uf capacitor:

 To prevent sudden power drops.

Wiring and Power

 Need wiring diagram and Spec
 TO SPEC: breaker, outlets, wire, jbox, switches, wire nuts
 IEC 60320 C14 power inlet connected to outlet in


Have: Typical NB Shop tools, Plate Joiner,

Need: Router bits with bearing over the blade to help the speed and accuracy of the logo channel cuts as Jarrod and his team worked to increase the cuts' depth.

Software and Documentation[edit]