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=声桥中文角 (Noisebridge Chinese Corner)=
=噪声桥中文角 (Noisebridge Chinese Corner)=
== Purpose and Goals ==
== Purpose and Goals ==
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==Interested People==
==Interested People==
[[Chinese Corner Students]]
[[Chinese Corner Students]]
[[Category:Natural languages]]

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[edit] 噪声桥中文角 (Noisebridge Chinese Corner)

[edit] Purpose and Goals

Mandarin Injunction meets Tuesdays at 6:00pm at Noisebridge to practice speaking Mandarin, drawing ideograms, and share Chinese culture (e.g. delicious culinary experiences).

[edit] Time and Place

Hey, let's figure out a time that works for people these days! If you're interested, wanna sound off with a time that works for you?

[edit] Curriculum Content

Possibly considering adopting and improving the wikibooks books on Spoken Mandarin and Written Chinese

[edit] Lesson Notes

Chinese Corner Lesson 3-03-2009 Mandarin question words

[edit] Interested People

Chinese Corner Students

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