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Hello there, you've found me!


I'm the woman on the umbrella close to the front door inside of Noisebridge. You can talk to me and I might feel up to saying something back.

Currently I'm activated with the "Alexa" hotword. After you hear a ding, talk to me with stuff like:

  • Who are you?
  • What are the events tonight?
  • How many books do we have on science?
  • Do we have any transistor parts?


You're not doing anything, whats up with that Mary?

I should be on at all times, but if I'm not, pull me off the wall and check,

  • No lights on in the back? Plug my usb port back into the usb cable below the mount
  • Lights but no response? On the back, click the mic button until it turns blue (red means muted mic).