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Max/MSP is a graphical programming environment, efficient to rapidly create interactive software. It's widely used by performers for installations, writing custom musical software, video djing etc. Everything where your work needs to be controlled by some real time process rather than fixed in time.

This class is intended to study basic concepts of Max through example patchers, introducing topics like

  • timing objects : need a custom step sequencer?
  • basic MSP objects : make that computer scream out loud
  • I/O objects : communicate with other devices
  • structuring : because these cords gets messy real fast
  • logic : someone has to do it
  • using libraries : someone else already did it
  • Jitter (video lib) : I only have some small experience here, but can help dissect basic help patchers.

taught by Julien Bloit ( )


Thursday 21st and 28th of April, 18:30-20:00, in Turing classroom, if available.

What to bring

A laptop with Max/MSP installed. Max/MSP is a commercial software, but you can install a 30 days demo ( ). Pure Data ( ) is a free and open source alternative, with some common functionalities. The class will use Max/MSP since I'm more familiar with it, but it can probably help you too if you want to start using Pure Data.

Sign up

Who's interested/available? add a comment if you're more interested in some particular topic.

  • Julien
  • Marc Juul